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Golden Bay Golf Club Recruitment for guests

2022-07-01 01:09Beijing Golf Shop
Summary: What conditions should golf course employees meetJob responsibilities: to receive customers actively, warmly, politely, patiently and thoughtfully, so that customers feel at home; Use polite language
What conditions should golf course employees meet
Job responsibilities: to receive customers actively, warmly, politely, patiently and thoughtfully, so that customers feel at home; Use polite language to provide the best service for guests, cooperate with the foreman, obey the command of the foreman or above, unite and be good at helping colleagues; Actively participate in trainingDo you have any requirements for golf recruitment? I want to be a caddie at a golf course. I don't know what I want
If you are a caddie, you should first have requirements for height and weight. Your height should not be less than 160. You should be symmetrical and have a good image and temperament. The professional requirement is to know golf knowledge
The recruitment of golf caddies is deceptive. Please pay attention
Learn from your mistakes. At present, the quality of golf clubs in China is uneven. Before applying for a job, you should do enough to check the reputation of the golf club you want to apply for online. Some people answered that they didn't really agree with the need for relationship. I know quite a few good golf course operation managersWarning everyone, the inside story of golf caddie recruitment in Shanghai
A typical liar. A deceptive trilogy about the recruitment of golf caddies and black shops. First, ask if you can play golf - you certainly can't, or you won't come to apply for a job. Second, you have to pay for the training - it costs a high price, but there is no training. Third, the training fee will not be refunded if you say you are not suitable for the jobHow about the salary of the golf course
I have been working in the golf course for six years. I can give you some advice: no matter what you do in the golf industry, you should start at the grass-roots level. If the landlord is a girl, I suggest taking the road of club management. This is more stable for girls, and it is also good for future marriage. There are several ways to do management, first, the operation DepartmentWhat are the requirements for working on a golf course
Basically, it's manual work plus sunbathing. The head of each department belongs to the management personnelWhich golf courses in Shenzhen are still recruiting caddies? What are the requirements? Thank you
Are you a man or a woman? Women have more opportunities than men. Requirements, correct facial features, diligence, clear message. Generally, the direct goal field only needs skilled players, but some courts also recruit novices, but they need to be trained first, and the cost is about 2000Golden Bay Golf Club Recruitment  for guests or 3000 yuan. But sometimes it's hard to be a caddie. Summer is the hardestWhat are the conditions for recruiting caddies in golf courses? How about the treatment
Job description: 1: under the age of 30, education level: junior high school graduate or above. 2: Conduct: honest, good at sports, healthy and articulate. 3: Love sGolden Bay Golf Club Recruitment  for guestsports, fitness, golf, good health, work content: driving a golf cart; Pull a golf bag with a cartWhat are the requirements for a girl to be a waiter in a golf course? How much is your monthly salary
I am from Luhu Golf in Guangzhou. There is no basic salary for caddies here, but if I am a waiter, the basic salary is about 1500, and then there are other bonuses and subsidies Where are you from? It also depends on the local living standards and consumption capacityGolf course recruitment
At 23:24 on July 5, I went to each golf course to ask, but it's better to spend about an hour a day looking at the recruitment information, so that the scope and efficiency can be done very well
Golden Bay Golf Club Recruitment for guests

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