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Golf Club Tour driving range 2 F & B: Restaurant

2022-06-27 05:44Beijing Golf Shop
Summary: What are the specific work settings of the golf club operation departmentLawn Department: field affairs department, machine repair department, operation Department: 1 sports department; Caddy, field p
What are the specific work settings of the golf club operation department
Lawn Department: field affairs department, machine repair department, operation Department: 1 sports department; Caddy, field patrol, departure, driving range 2 F & B department: restaurant, fairway store 3 lobby Department: front desk, franchised store 4 recreation department: guest room, bath, health care 5 member Department: a large department can work alone in the early stage of the clubWhat is the workflow of a golf course inspector
The departure room shall report the kick-off time of the guests, accurately record the time of each group, and pay attention to whether the operation on the field is smooth. The consumption list of the guests issued by the halfway house shall be sent to the front desk. In case of a game, the small flag shall be recovered after the end of the last group, and the situation on the field shall be inspected. After the guests are completely finishedWhat is the relationship between the golf course departure platform and the tour
However, the work of field tour is more than that, coordinating off-site emergencies, supervising the site conditions, supervising the ofGolf Club Tour  driving range 2 F & B: Restaurantf-site service quality, solving the off-site player needs, and so on. Departure work also includes caddie appearance management, departure sequence management, closing and opening announcement, customer complaint collection, etc. It varies according to the club management systemWhat do the scouts in a golf club do
This position is the eye of the club. Because the leaders of the stadium will not supervise the off-site 24 hours a day, right? So the field tour plays a great role. Specifically, the order on the court is adjusted to supervise the civilization of guests and caddies on the court. The key is to let guests and caddies caress the lawn of the courtResponsibilities of golf tour
Field patrol is the person who drives to patrol the field! Be responsible for maintaining the playing order of the court, ensuring the smoothness of the court, and ensuring the safety of the guests and caddies on the court! Provide assistance to guests and timely report off-site situations to the departure desk
What is the function of golf tour
In fact, it is to control the speed of the guests playing on the court, and to ask the guests to play whenever there is an empty court. Our tour over there also depends on whether we repair the green, pick up the turf and make up the sand. It looks good, but the tour is very tiring
Which one is more tired on golf course, tour or caddie? Which job would be better? He
The tour mainly deals with external coordination (for guests) and internal supervision and assistance (caddies or other employees). He has some working positions. Most of the tour operators abroad are senior people over 40 years old who have worked in the golf industry for many years. The most revered thing for guests is tourWhat are the duties of a golf course tour
There are two reasons for setting patrolmen in a stadium: first, the name is of course for the guests to maintain order on the court; Supervise whether the guests comply with the golf rules and regulations of the golf course; Whether the caddy serves the guests conscientiously, and timely solves the temporary needs of the guests on the courtHow does the golf course work
The Caddy's main job is to serve the guests. After the guests leave the court to play, the caddy initially acts as the owner of the court, serves as a guide for the guests, guides the guests to play the whole court, provides the relevant data of a fairway duGolf Club Tour  driving range 2 F & B: Restaurantring the playing process, such as tee yards, yards away frGolf Club Tour  driving range 2 F & B: Restaurantom various obstacles, etc., and gives the guests clubs to see the landing pointsWhat do golf course inspectors do? Thank you
It is to drive the cart to do some work. Specifically, 1. Send the guests to the departure platform. 2. Patrol the stadium to see if there are any guests who need help, or remind some guests of unreasonable actions. 3:Golf Club Tour  driving range 2 F & B: Restaurant Some errands, such as taking something to the hole number, etc
Golf Club Tour driving range 2 F & B: Restaurant

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